When And How To Prune Apple Trees

When To Prune Apple Trees

It is very important to know when to prune apple trees. With consistent and properly timed pruning, you will allow much more fruitful growth and in return more apples. You will want to stick to the two main pruning times of year. One pruning in winter and one in summer.

Both times of the year have unique results on how the apple tree will be effected in further growth. This is is more accurate regarding the first season after the pruning. You and your apple tree will be rewarded nicely by taking the time to prune correctly and at the right time in the first year.

The scheduling on your pruning can be very important and you will want to avoid doing so too early. Early pruning can lead into dormant actions of the tree turning into early growth which can be harmful. You will have buds that will not grow to full potential and may possibly be gone for future years.

It can be difficult to give an exact time or schedule for when you should do your pruning due to the different climates and conditions around the planet. I would recommend you discuss this with your local garden center.

How To Prune An Apple Tree

The first thing you want to remember on how to prune an apple tree is to withdraw all dead, tarnished or rotten branches. Before you decide to chop into your tree, you should glance around for the area called the “branch collar”. It will be the compressed part near the bottom of your apple tree that will be joined to the base. It is this section of your tree that can heal all of its bruises. Always avoid this area while pruning your apple tree. Preferably chop into the area where the branches start to grow.

In the beginning 2 years, let the tree get established and set itself to the ground, before you start to do any pruning of the apple tree. Remember to always extract dead, tarnished or rotten branches.

Once you are into the 3rd year you can get right to abrasive pruning. Always start with taking out the illness in your apple tree, next step would be to go to the corners closer to the base of your tree , you want it to be more effectively spaced at around 45-50 degree edge. Don’t touch the frame branches.

Apple tree buds are blackish, twisted wood that become bigger in the corners of the tree. Never touch these if you want Apples. When you tree is almost at it’s 4th year, apples will be making an appearance.

Remove stray branches that cause problems towards your apple tree. You do not want water to accumulate and stimulate corrosion. You want to have good air transmission at the center. This all makes way for new beautiful blooms of apples to evolve within the tree. Another great tip is to always chip on top of the apple buds away from the tree.

Apple tree’s always have a principal branch. You don’t want to let anything get in it’s way to possibly destroy it. Always pick the healing branches and toss the bad ones. Great apple tree branches are constantly at a perfect range and spit out bucket’s full of apples.

Some final information: Remember you can always look to the bottom branches if some of your tree is looking unhealthy. Catch an apple bloom and chip into it right down to the bright green part. This bring out all the terrific effects.