How To Choose A Wireless Nanny Camera

wireless nanny cameraChoosing the best wireless nanny camera can be a little intimidating to the uninitiated. But to be honest – there is really nothing at all to be concerned about. Technology has grown in leaps and bounds – and with it an ease of use that has lowered the learning curve tremendously.

Wireless Nanny Cam Power

One of the first things that we need to keep in mind with a wireless nanny cam is how they get their power without wires? You guessed it! The power is usually supplied by batteries in some type of battery pack. Keep in mind that there are some types of battery packs that are simply thrown away when the battery charge is depleted. My suggestion would be to stay away from these throws away types and look out for a rechargeable option. This would definitely not be an area for you to try cut costs! Choose one of the rechargeable models that is in the middle of the road or top of the line as far as price is concerned. Expect to spend around $25.00 or so for a decent charger set up. Expensive? Not at all – relative to the security and peace of mind that a decent setup is going to provide to you. Trust me on this one.

Nanny Cam Transmitter

One of the next basic pieces of equipment that you are going to need for your wireless system is some sort of transmitter. This transmitter is what is necessary to get the video signal from the spy camera to your receiver/recorder/dvr (Digital Video Recorder). The majority of these will be 2.4 GHz – don’t worry too much about all of the technical jargon. Simply keep in mind that the type of transmitter that comes with your device will be the deciding factor in how far your wireless spy camera can be from the receiver. Even the lower powered models should not have any problem sending a signal 250 feet. There are higher powered models that can send the signal up to 2500 feet or more! If the distance is too far for the type of transmitter that you have, then the video signal will be distorted, faint, or non-existent. I would not suggest a transmitter that transmits a signal on a frequency lower than 2.4 GHz. Keep in mind that you want to keep all other wireless devices that transmit at 2.4 GHz – such as some cordless phones – away from your security camera due to POSSIBLE interference.There are many good companies out there that will sell you a package unit containing the wireless nanny camera AND the 2.4 GHz transmitter. This is obviously a great option – depending on the price!

Nanny Camera Receiver

One of the most important parts of your system will be the receiver. Will you need to record? Or simply observe? Will you record on cassette tape or use a dvr? There are plus and minuses to all of these possibilities that we will be dealing with in another article. But for now, the most important thing to know is that if you decide to record on cassette tape – you will need to take into consideration the deterioration of the tape. It WILL deteriorate. The speed of deterioration will be a factor of storage, ie. temperature, and exposure to light. Another disadvantage to the cassette is the inability to skip to a precise moment of time.

There is no such problem of deterioration with digital storage devices. It is also much easier to use when gathering evidence and searching for a particular moment in the storage. It is usually considered to be the better form of storage. All of the benefits – without all of the disadvantages to go along with it!

In future articles we will be dealing with other aspects of a nanny cam system – such as particular types of wireless nanny cameras, the cost of these devices, and where are some of the better places to purchase them.

Miter Saws: An Introduction and my Reviews for the Beginner Woodworker

Miter Saw Reviews can be found anywhere on the Internet and illustrate a range of tools that are among the most useful you will find. You will need a Miter saw any time you want to cross or angle cut.

There are two types of Miter Saw that you can select from for your requirements. You can choose the manual Miter Saw which is the more traditional approach for many. Or you can go for the miter saw type that is run by a motor and automatic. The latter is the more recent development, whereas many users prefer the manual version as you have more control.

What you should look for in a good miter saw

Whichever Miter Saw you decide upon, you will find Miter Saw Reviews invaluable to you. They will assist you in locating the perfect brand or model to meet your needs when working. There are many brands and models to choose from in the market today.

When searching through Miter Saw Reviews it is worth considering the Hitachi C10FSH. This model includes a 10 inch saw and a laser marker as two of its many features. You can easily cut through a variety of different surfaces including wood, hard board and aluminum.

This Miter Saw is extremely powerful with its 12 amp motor built in. Miter Saw Reviews pick up on this fact as one of the major advantages of the product. Due to the power of the motor the saw can achieve up to 3,800 revolutions per minute. The power is consistent as the motor is electronic.

Miter saw reviews pick up on the bevel range being incredibly useful when operating. This range is set at 45 degrees for both left and right directions. You will be able to flip the blade simply without ever having to move the material you are cutting into.

One of the best features referenced in Miter Saw reviews is the laser marker system that allows you to turn on and off even when the blade is not spinning. You should be able to line up cuts with an exact precision that you do not get with all models and brands.

Additional benefits of this saw are the angles that can be changed manually as you go along. This makes cutting very easy and enables you to perform a professional and accurate job every time.

Miter Saw Reviews also recommend the Hitachi C10FCH2 as an alternative. This is a very simple and reasonably priced tool. It is easy to assemble and should only take a matter of minutes to set up ready for use.

It features a powerful 15 amp motor allowing up to 5000 revolutions per minute. Additionally, a carbide blade is included with a bevel range of up to 45 degrees incorporated.

What is a miter saw used for

Of all the Miter Saw Reviews for this product almost all are extremely positive. Most customers loved the saw and found it to be a fantastic product for your needs and were great value for money too.

Another model featured in Miter Saw Reviews is the Hitachi c12Ish which is another reliable and accurate tool for whatever material you are cutting. It is very useful for cutting angles and square corners in particular. You can achieve perfect cutting every single time you use it.

Miter Saw Reviews for this product were again extremely complimentary and focused on the power and precision amongst other aspects. The versatility of this saw is second to none in the world of Miter Saws. One of the main reasons for the tool’s versatility is the angles it can be tilted at during work. It can simply and easily cut through wood, plastic and plywood amongst other surfaces.

However, one of the best features of this Hitachi model is that it is extremely compact and can be transported very easily from place to place with no problems. The top Miter Saws are light and durable, and this particular model certainly meets those two requirements.

Again, this model is powerful, employing a 15 amp motor to power it. You should be able to cut materials with precision throughout. The power is ample for cutting through many different surfaces with no problems at all.  You are able to have better control too with reduced vibration.

Miter Saw Reviews loved the fact that you can keep the surrounding area clean with the dust bag included. The product itself is designed with easy maintenance in mind.

The DeWalt DW717 model is featured in many Miter Saw Reviews and has fantastic design and performance mixed with flexibility and reliability. This product is lightweight and can easily be transported around from place to place.

The features included with this model were a source of much appreciation amongst Miter Saw Reviews. It is perfect from amateurs to professional alike and can be adjusted to cut through most materials.

One of the best models on the market today though according to a lot of Miter Saw Reviews is the Dewalt dw713. For cross cutting and angles it works absolutely perfectly for any professional. It is precise and accurate and offers fantastic flexibility throughout.

Cleaning up after you is not necessary as this model comes complete with a dust bag for easy maintenance. This is a great feature as it is always a pain to be cleaning up after your self when working.

Many customers who commented in Miter Saw Reviews found this product to be fantastic value for money and accurate whether cutting at an angle or straight. This is a great saw for all your needs in the workshop.
Miter Saw Reviews

– Conclusion

Miter Saws are some of the most reliable and accurate tools on the market and will not disappoint whether you are a professional or amateur who has to cut their material for work. No matter which product or brand you opt for, Miter Saw Reviews are invaluable to all. You can make a decision based up Miter Saw Reviews and what has been said by others about varied brands that are available.

Small Gun Safes – Keeping Your Gun Under Lock And Key

small gun safes

Gun laws are changing and whether or not you agree with them, keeping your piece safe should be a priority for you. You probably went through paperwork, training, a waiting period, approval process, and numerous other pieces of red tape to acquire your guns, so you are not likely to want them to end up missing, misplaced, lost, or stolen. You want to know where it is all times, whether or not you are home and there is no better way of knowing than if they were locked up in a small gun safe.

Your small gun safe should be large enough to accommodate your gun, its cleaning material and ammunition so that everything is together when you need it and where you need it. The small gun safe you choose doesn’t have to be too large unless you plan on having more than one gun stored in it. It should be able to handle any type of small gun, from a pistol to a revolver. Whatever your style and choice in firearms may be, your small gun safe needs to be able to hold it and keep it safe.

There are many different styles of small gun safes and you need to choose one that is going to fit your needs such as getting into it when you need it. Either a simple key lock, to a combination lock whether digital or manual. There are also biometric style locks built into certain small gun safes that allow your fingerprints to be recorded only allowing that person to open it. Your lock should be secure and some of the better locks have an override function that if the combination was tried unsuccessfully three times or more than it locks you out. Your small gun safe might open on the side, the top or with a swing door like a cabinet.

No matter the type of small gun safe you are choosing to keep your weapons locked and secure you need to keep them in that safe unless you are using them. Give nobody access to your safe unless you absolutely trust your firearm in the hands of someone else. Not only is your safety at stake but the safety of your family could be at stake if someone gets in there that you don’t want them to. It’s hard to say and even harder to live through if your child were to get their hands on your gun because you gave them access to it.

Kids are impressionable and they look up to their parents for support, guidance, and strength of character. They want to know they can look to you for safety. Yet children these days are taking guns to school and shooting other children for whatever dark reasons they can think of. Teachers or other figures of authority are being shot and killed by a sidearm that was found in the house and left lying around for the child to be in reach of. You don’t want to be on the wrong end of that gun, especially when the holder happens to be your own child.

Take the time to teach your child or children the importance of your guns and instruct them in law when it comes to them. Teach them about your best gun safe and why it is important. Or if it is possible don’t tell them at all that you own a firearm so the safe never becomes a topic of conversation in the first place.

Key points to remember:

  • lock up your guns
  • make sure your small gun safe is secure
  • choose the right lock to keep them safe
  • teach your children about gun safety

When And How To Prune Apple Trees

When To Prune Apple Trees

It is very important to know when to prune apple trees. With consistent and properly timed pruning, you will allow much more fruitful growth and in return more apples. You will want to stick to the two main pruning times of year. One pruning in winter and one in summer.

Both times of the year have unique results on how the apple tree will be effected in further growth. This is is more accurate regarding the first season after the pruning. You and your apple tree will be rewarded nicely by taking the time to prune correctly and at the right time in the first year.

The scheduling on your pruning can be very important and you will want to avoid doing so too early. Early pruning can lead into dormant actions of the tree turning into early growth which can be harmful. You will have buds that will not grow to full potential and may possibly be gone for future years.

It can be difficult to give an exact time or schedule for when you should do your pruning due to the different climates and conditions around the planet. I would recommend you discuss this with your local garden center.

How To Prune An Apple Tree

The first thing you want to remember on how to prune an apple tree is to withdraw all dead, tarnished or rotten branches. Before you decide to chop into your tree, you should glance around for the area called the “branch collar”. It will be the compressed part near the bottom of your apple tree that will be joined to the base. It is this section of your tree that can heal all of its bruises. Always avoid this area while pruning your apple tree. Preferably chop into the area where the branches start to grow.

In the beginning 2 years, let the tree get established and set itself to the ground, before you start to do any pruning of the apple tree. Remember to always extract dead, tarnished or rotten branches.

Once you are into the 3rd year you can get right to abrasive pruning. Always start with taking out the illness in your apple tree, next step would be to go to the corners closer to the base of your tree , you want it to be more effectively spaced at around 45-50 degree edge. Don’t touch the frame branches.

Apple tree buds are blackish, twisted wood that become bigger in the corners of the tree. Never touch these if you want Apples. When you tree is almost at it’s 4th year, apples will be making an appearance.

Remove stray branches that cause problems towards your apple tree. You do not want water to accumulate and stimulate corrosion. You want to have good air transmission at the center. This all makes way for new beautiful blooms of apples to evolve within the tree. Another great tip is to always chip on top of the apple buds away from the tree.

Apple tree’s always have a principal branch. You don’t want to let anything get in it’s way to possibly destroy it. Always pick the healing branches and toss the bad ones. Great apple tree branches are constantly at a perfect range and spit out bucket’s full of apples.

Some final information: Remember you can always look to the bottom branches if some of your tree is looking unhealthy. Catch an apple bloom and chip into it right down to the bright green part. This bring out all the terrific effects.